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Dear Reader,

It is almost time! The 25th of January is approaching and so is our great Design Academy “Morning Studio” Interactive Exhibition! “Tomorrow?! Voices of future living”, designed and organized by the students themselves. More details below.

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The “Morning Studio” of Design Academy Eindhoven, was happily surprised with the question from Werkwarenhuis in Den Bosch to collaborate in offering new perspectives on future living.

Werkwarenhuis is a barrier-free cultural hotspot for the creative and the curious, based on their current developments, students were asked to imagine the future of living and design towards this. Design Academy Eindhoven educates internationals into creative and forward-thinking designers. Twenty-five young students have stretched their hands for 5 months and have come up with creative designs.

Are you curious to shaping the future?

Tomorrow?! Voices of future living“. 25 voices, 3 mentalities, 1 unique experience. An interactive exhibition that opens up a talk about alternative ways of living through the eyes of our ancestors, activists and dreamers of today.

The exhibition will take place on Wednesday the 25th of January, from 13:30 to 18:00 in the creatively loaded building of Werkwarenhuis in Den Bosch. Adress: Tramkade 20-24, 5211 VB ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Experience this wonderful afternoon with workshops, interactive installations and projects ranging from soft homes to modular living. There will be students walking around to give small tours or ask questions to. Or take a nice break with a drink in the middle of the exhibition.


Some practical information:

  • Wear something warm, it might be cold inside.
  • Location is easily reachable in a 10-minute walk from the central station.
  • There are parking possibilities.
  • No elevators in the building

Register your visit through this link, Free Entrance!:

We hope to see you there!

Morning Studio

Design Academy Eindhoven

Students: Alexander Gustavs Formgren, Alon Steinmetz, Suuske de Wolff, Antonia Schreiber, Mariana Malho, Adele Visser, Marguerite Perianu, Carlotta Wider, Moe Obayashi, Sungkyung Park, Cara Jacobs,Athénaïs Grondin, Jihoon Bae, Lee Ehrat, Laurin Böhm, Jeanne Mora, Corentin Martin, Philippe Gaud, Yukyung Kim, Cassandre Tornay, Solbee Tae, Louise van Brussel, Amina Zemouli, Finn Schumacher, Ke Huang

Tutors: Petra Janssen, Anne Lightenberg, Thomas Lommee, Miki Dai, Lotte de Haan, Jeroen de Gruiter, Dick van Hoff, Tim Knapen. 

School in Residence Design Academy Eindhoven X Werkwarenhuis Den Bosch