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foto credit: Nicole Peters @emmiati_nic


Zaterdag 1 april 2023 Performance Night

Voorafgaand aan Club W kun je je mee laten voeren door dansvoorstellingen op verschillende plekken in het Werkwarenhuis. Dansers, performers en vocalist nemen de oude fabriek over. Na hun korte residentie op onze industriële locatie kun je het resultaat zaterdag 1 april zelf komen ervaren.

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nb: Er is ook een speciaal arrangement met diner restaurant Van Aken.

A journey through the open labyrinth of the old factory
Experience the flow, just open your senses…

Dinner Van Aken

21.00u walk in
21:30u start Performance Journey 

Memories of Nothingness
by Transcending Bodies
performance installation by vocalist Mathilde Nobel
and movement artist Hannah Zwaans

You need to chill out!
by Sarah Prescimone
performance together with Kelly Vanneste

23.00 Club W 
With dance by Kelly Vanneste & Hannah Zwaans
Music by DJ’s Delver & Okitap // Lights by Joan van Loon

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More about the makers & their performances

Transcending bodies 

Memories of Nothingness is a durational performance installation by vocalist Mathilde Nobel and movement artist Hannah Zwaans. They join forces to create an experimental experience by which they welcome an audience to be immersed in the moment. Memories of Nothingness reminds us of life as it is. It welcomes you into the womb of existence, in which there is no course of events.
Sarah Prescimone
“Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax.” Bryant McGill
In ‘You need to chill out!’ we navigate through different mind and bodily states and conditions. Both calming each other and instigating a mood or dynamic switch the performers are working as channels, bridges between emotional extremes. They interact between their similarities and differencesAn explosive yet calm choreographic signature is resonating in the elaboration of different segments of ‘Hybrid Bodies’ formed by mixing different movement vocabulary such as; Urban, Butoh, Brazilian jiu jitsu and experimental movement forms. 

 foto credits, beelden hierboven: William van der Voort (Makershuis/Prejavu)

foto credit : Frankie Casillo (Draaimolen Festival)

foto credit foto hieroonder: Nicole Peters @emmiati_nic