Club Fremdkörper is in huis

De zolder van het werkwarenhuis is ’the stage’ van Club Fremdkörper fontys dansacademie Tilburg. De hele week wordt er gewerkt aan de productie waarvan op vrijdag 23 april 11.30u de voorstelling ‘Beauty Box’ te zien is via livestream. Https://

Lara Deruyter, Myrthe Marchal, Henna Männikkö & Antti-Pekka Pudas

Beauty Box
part of Fremdcörper 2021

“We are Henna Männikkö, Myrthe Marchal, Antti-Pekka Pudas and Lara Deruyter, currently finishing our last year at Fontys dance academy. Within Fremdkörper an interdisciplinary collaboration of students from Fontys School of the arts, we created, in collaboration with musicians Jorrit Romme and Lukas Hebels, this piece called ‘Beauty Box’: a peaceful experience that takes you on a journey through ocean waves and calming water framed by an unmoving but forgivable structure holding the space.It is inspired by how water flows and how it always finds a way to continue, even when restricted. The piece is a first exploration of how we can create an installation or experience for a passing by audience. The concept originated from the idea to put the installation in public space for passer by’s, creating an unexpected calming nice surprise. Currently, this is not possible because of Covid restrictions. This is why we decided to find another location that would fit to our concept. This is how we came to Werkwarenhuis. They provide the opportunity for us to continue exploring and to perform our piece this Friday via live stream within the Fremdkörper program.” 

(frame work installatie by Wouter Van Beirendonck)

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