Site Specific Performance

Performances by Kristien Sonnevijlle during exhibition The Vessel
Friday 15 July 20.00-21.00pm

A puppet previously sleeping may suddenly wake up as a floating mask appears from the hidden corners…

The final weekend of the exhibition The Vessel becomes a scenography for a new site-specific performance. The artworks will literally come to life on July 15th and 17th. Matt Jackson (puppeteer) with dancer Kristien Sonnevijlle will allow the objects and atmosphere to tell us what stories they wish to share. Inspirations for our performance work come from physical theater, butoh dance, and Japanese mask and puppet theater.

Exhibition The Vessel by Matt Jackson, 8- 17 july 2022
Opening 8 july, 18.00-21.00pm

Displayed will be various puppets and masks Matt Jackson has created over recent years. With his background in “special effects for movies”, he was trained to use numerous, often toxic, materials in order to “pretend” a character was alive. In recent years though he has sought a different quality from this personal artwork- for them to “feel” as if they are alive. Therefore he is working now mostly with wood, paper, organic glues, and clay because he believes these materials actually retain a vibration of their original life. 

Some objects have been made through his own explorations, others were for clients such as Panama Pictures; Asko Schonberg; & Tim Hammer. Also featured will be large-scale photographs by Teis Albers.